Abhay Portrait New Forest

Abhay Desai is a Data Scientist and self-taught Photographer, Filmmaker and Photo-Essayist originally from South Africa and based in the UK.

Embark on a visual odyssey with me, a somewhat of a maverick storyteller who is navigating the intersection of tradition and uncharted terrain.

Shall we begin by dismantling the stereotypes? Meet a typical thirty-something polymath of Indian descent, holding two STEM degrees and thriving as a Data Scientist amidst the lively backdrop of the UK. But things do get a little more interesting than that. I carry with me the rich tapestry of my Indian heritage, deeply entwined with my South African roots—a testament to the spirit of Ubuntu. My speech, a supposed melodic fusion of 'aish's, 'yoh's, and 'ya's which celebrate my pride in embracing this dual cultural legacy. And in matters of the heart? It's a long love saga spanning decades and, to my dismay, continents with my wife being down-under.

Driven by my childhood calling, I veered away from the bustling streets of London, seeking solace in Cornwall’s serene embrace, nestled amidst South West England's picturesque landscapes, to nurture my passion for visual storytelling that serves as a medium for my deepest sense of self-expression..

At my core, I am guided by the timeless wisdom of my gurus Mahant Swami Maharaj & Pramukh Swami Maharaj, whose mantra resonates profoundly: “In the joy of others lies our own.” If this ethos echoes within you, let's collaborate. Journey with me in crafting narratives that pulsate with life and purpose. Connect through the Contact page, and let’s breathe life into stories that endure.